Professional Beach Cleaning Machines

  • “Sri Lanka – a land surrounded with beaches”

    Attractive beaches that look as if they have just been discovered for the very first time. Even if you visit them every day. Free from garbage washed ashore by the tide, seaweed, clumps of oil and other pollutants. An illusion? Not in the least. Every beach cleaning vehicle can work this magic and create immaculate beaches. Clean and perfect – dream beaches that are heavenly for all.

  • “The Beach – Neat and Tidy, but above all, Clean”

    Enhances the beaches in no uncertain ways. Satisfied people and tourists will retain pleasant memories of days spent on the beach. This is the task we have dedicated ourselves to. The creation of spotless beaches and satisfied guests thanks to efficient, cost effective beach cleaning.”

  • The Idea”

    When a new day dawns, there is bustling activity everywhere on the world’s beaches-long before the people turn up. Clean, tidy beaches are essential for successful tourist trades at seaside resorts. This is what takes the centre stage with products and solutions for efficient and sustainable beach cleaning.

  • “The Answer”

    Reliable, safe beach cleaning technology matches our customers’ needs and requirements. Supplies top-quality products fitted with the patented raking, screening or combination thereof from the manufacturer, KASSBOHRER GELANDEFAHRZEUG (KGF) AG, Germany. These techniques make it possible to clean beaches in a single efficient operation.