Outdoor and Gardens

  • “175 years of Passionately Pursuing Quality”

    Cramer was established in Leer / East Friia, Germany in 1835. Its own developments and patents have made Cramer one of the leading suppliers of garden and cleaning technology in Germany today. For example, Cramer was one of the first in Germany to develop a handy, powerful all-round vacuum that could be used either by the ambitious hobby gardener or for professional use in landscape gardening.

  • “Reliable Garden Cleaning Equipment”

    The company is constantly researching, developing, testing and producing new products. The aim at Cramer is clearly defined – to develop and manufacture first-class, reliable garden and cleaning equipment that is easy to operate for everybody, durable and incurs low maintenance. Today is no different to over a century ago – everything is produced at the site in Leer / East Frisia.  Cramer Garden equipment, means top engineering in the garden.