The Paddock Cleaner

  • “Cattle, Elephant, Horse and Other Animal Droppings Extractor Machines”

    Having pioneered muck collection in the early 90’s, Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment has evolved its unique range of products, making yard and paddock cleaning a less arduous task. Simple to operate, it comes with standard Kawasaki two stroke engines, which creates a phenomenal vacuum in a large container to offer powerful suction through a 5” pick up tool. Due to popular demand, there is now a 4 stroke Honda powered version available.

  • “Easy to Use”

    The four stroke engine eliminates mixing two stroke fuel. In machines such as the PC450 Power, it standardizes the two engines’ fuel requirements resulting in an easy, efficient filling procedure.  The PC50’s lightweight but rugged construction allows the machine to be easily pulled and maneuvered, whilst the larger models are adapted to be towed with ATV’s, ride-on mowers and compact tractors. They perform in any conditions, wet or dry. The paddock cleaners are also useful for collecting leaves, litter and cleaning out water troughs. Easy to use, Easy to empty, 12 months warranty (for Sri Lanka), 5 year bin warranty, Low engine noise, Picks up in long grass, Non corrosive bin, Options on engine power